Why Hire David?

Experience Transformational Leadership and Insight

Hiring David Lee Windecher means gaining access to a wealth of experience in overcoming adversity, legal expertise, and passionate advocacy. His transformative approach to leadership, combined with insightful legal knowledge, makes him an unparalleled asset for speaking, consulting, and coaching. His journey from defendant to defense attorney and his commitment to social advocacy offer powerful lessons in resilience, strategy, and true leadership.

Executive Coaching

There are many challenges that leaders face in their roles and David offers practical advice and generates measurable returns. With leadership training programs that fuel passion and foster teamwork David will elevate your leadership abilities to take you and your team to the next level.

Motivational Speaking

David Windecher’s journey from gangster to attorney has given him deep insights into the challenges faced by the disenfranchised. His message of hope resonates powerfully in middle and high schools, colleges, law schools, and correctional facilities, where it’s needed most.

Keynote Speaking

David Windecher has presented at several different events at multiple capacities over the years and covers subject matter that will resonate with practically everyone. He speaks at corporate and commercial events, graduations and commencements as well as conventions and expositions.


From legal consultations for felony and misdemeanor charges to expungement procedure David’s legal expertise can lend itself well to various circumstances. If you are in need of legal consultations, look no further than David.